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Sleep. It isn’t actually overrated.

Sleep. A much too touchy topic in a house with 3 small humans. The multiple awakenings and early rising is enough to make even me [someone who doesn't really like sleep] feel like a nutcase. I still need my 6-7 hours. Low and behold, we DO in fact need sleep in order to recharge, support our… Continue reading Sleep. It isn’t actually overrated.

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Postpartum picks

I don't think that the discomforts and physical challenges of the postpartum period are talked about nearly enough. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of talk during pregnancy about what to expect as soon as that precious baby comes out! Lets talk about the most common areas that need attention after birth, and a… Continue reading Postpartum picks


Bittersweet 1st 13 weeks with babe

When you find out you're pregnant, it's not uncommon to feel restricted by not being able to use all of your over the counter go to's. There is an abundance of essential oils that can help you with the often unpleasant effects pregnancy [especially those first weeks] can have on your body. Wait...there's an oil for that?! Yes,… Continue reading Bittersweet 1st 13 weeks with babe