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So much more than oils

It's interesting to me that it usually takes death for us to truly examine life. As if without something so heartbreaking we would continue to solely be absorbed in our day to day mishaps. After you loose someone, your continued somber feelings are often times accompanied by self examination. You tend to look at things… Continue reading So much more than oils

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Liven up Your Libido Ladies

Now this is a topic that I feel a bit [ok A LOT] uncomfortable talking about. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that I'm a pretty modest and private person, especially when it comes to this topic. I can't pretend like sex doesn't exist. It's real, and a lack of drive is so much… Continue reading Liven up Your Libido Ladies

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STOP the hate.

I am about to loose my mind people. Everyone is dividing. Hating. Hurting each other. I know we live in a broken world, but my heart is aching over here watching all the discrimination and hurt. No, it's not just from your opposing view, it is from all angles. Could we please make the brokenness not… Continue reading STOP the hate.

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Why having more kids is like running a marathon (only better)

So this may be quite a loose metaphor…but just hang in there with me for a second! The other day I was thinking to myself (and trying to explain to my mom)... "why on earth do we think it would be a good idea to someday add another kid to the mix? There are already… Continue reading Why having more kids is like running a marathon (only better)