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I give myself an F.

We tell our kids to always do their best and that is good enough. We realize it would be doing them a disservice to have unrealistic expectations of them right? My creative, sensitive and silly daughter is not likely going to be reading a chapter book at age 5, and that 's so much more… Continue reading I give myself an F.

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Support your reproductive health

Whether it is a current or past reality for you, difficulty getting pregnant is hard. Really hard. Itย can take a serious toll on you emotionally and in your relationship. I have watched one of my closest friends go through it as well as many others in my life. My heart feels so deeply for those… Continue reading Support your reproductive health

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So much more than oils

It's interesting to me that it usually takes death for us to truly examine life. As if without something so heartbreaking we would continue to solely be absorbed in our day to day mishaps. After you loose someone, your continued somber feelings are often times accompanied by self examination. You tend to look at things… Continue reading So much more than oils

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STOP the hate.

I am about to loose my mind people. Everyone is dividing. Hating. Hurting each other. I know we live in a broken world, but my heart is aching over here watching all the discrimination and hurt. No, it's not just from your opposing view, it is from all angles.ย Could we please make the brokenness not… Continue reading STOP the hate.

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Falling short

I think the vast majority of us [who haven't mastered perfection] are quite familiar with falling short in our lives. Be it your standards or someone else's, you've probably messed up. You've most likely set goals and tried to change pitiful areas of your life. What drives me crazy is setting goals and not meeting… Continue reading Falling short

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Thirty and Thriving

Something happened in the last year or two. It has been subtle, but so clear as I've reflected on myself in the last couple weeks. I entered a new decade. The big 3-0! In my mind, I've turned the corner to "real adulthood" and I feel like I can finally breathe. It's finally OK to… Continue reading Thirty and Thriving

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Today I lit a candle…

Today I lit a candle. A small candle filled with all sorts of toxins I'm sure. It was given to me by a patient as a thank you for supporting her during labor. Mind you, I just finished listening to an amazing podcast about cancer, our immune system, antioxidants and all the toxins flooding our… Continue reading Today I lit a candle…

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'Tis just a season

For as long as I can remember, I've dreamt of being 30. Having a husband, children, and being well into my career. This is the phase of life I had always been longing for! Here I am [ don't get me wrong, I am DEFINITELY LOVING WHERE I AM AT ] But you can't have… Continue reading 'Tis just a season