Hormone support

That time of the month…

It's finally fall. There are just two things I like about fall. Yes, only two! 1. I don't have that insane urge to spend every free moment outside in the sun, because  there are few days that actually contain sun. Despite the fact that I miss the sun oh so dearly, I get so much more done… Continue reading That time of the month…


Oils & pregnancy in a nutshell

What's with all the fuss about essential oils? It seems like there are so many people who have gotten into with them and love proclaiming how much they have changed their lives. If you take a closer look into what essential oils really are, you will find that they are actually quite brilliant. The purest essential oils are extracted… Continue reading Oils & pregnancy in a nutshell

Oils 101

Why Essential oils?

What I think is so incredible about essential oils is that they have been used for thousands of years for their cosmetic, emotionally uplifting and healing purposes. Instead of putting a bunch of chemicals together to "fix" things [along with the unwanted side effects] there is a pure and safe way to abundantly benefit your daily life!… Continue reading Why Essential oils?