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Oils + Kids

It only takes one search on Pinterest to find that the information on how to use oils for your kiddos widely varies from source to source. The truth, there is no perfect formula. There are general guidelines to follow, but thats it. Whether using an oil for adults or children, Young Living will provide information on whether that… Continue reading Oils + Kids

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Growing up

Im not quite sure what makes me more emotional...knowing that your little babies are growing up or seeing the beautiful people they are becoming. When I take even a slight step back, I am in awe of how incredible these little ones are. I grieve [in my own non crying type of way] the fact that the… Continue reading Growing up

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Sleep. It isn’t actually overrated.

Sleep. A much too touchy topic in a house with 3 small humans. The multiple awakenings and early rising is enough to make even me [someone who doesn't really like sleep] feel like a nutcase. I still need my 6-7 hours. Low and behold, we DO in fact need sleep in order to recharge, support our… Continue reading Sleep. It isn’t actually overrated.

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Getting crunchier.

I've found myself over the past years unashamadly getting a little more "crunchy" [referring to my granola/ all natural status] One of the ways Ive gotten a whole lot more crunchy is my oil use... Back in October, I got my essential oils kit. OH MY GOODNESS IM OBSESSED. I am very into "smells" to… Continue reading Getting crunchier.

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July jubilee

Oh July... you were busy, but you sure were fun! The top 7 themes for this past month were: 1. Lots of ice cream... It is kind of what summer is all about right? Ice cream treats on the deck or outside somewhere else as a family?! I know Addie sure loves it, and I… Continue reading July jubilee