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Falling short

I think the vast majority of us [who haven't mastered perfection] are quite familiar with falling short in our lives. Be it your standards or someone else's, you've probably messed up. You've most likely set goals and tried to change pitiful areas of your life. What drives me crazy is setting goals and not meeting… Continue reading Falling short

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Postpartum picks

I don't think that the discomforts and physical challenges of the postpartum period are talked about nearly enough. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot of talk during pregnancy about what to expect as soon as that precious baby comes out! Lets talk about the most common areas that need attention after birth, and a… Continue reading Postpartum picks


Oils for Labor Support

I am a labor and delivery nurse and I get to help people through their labor and birth almost every day I work! It is such a rewarding job to be able to walk alongside these mamas during a very vulnerable and special time in their lives. Sometimes labor can be SO long and drawn out… Continue reading Oils for Labor Support