Starter Kit Challenge

Ordering a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living is kind of a no brainer. 11 essential oils, a diffuser & a bunch of other goodies for only $160?!?! On top of that you are able to then get 24% off ALL Young Living products for life with NO further obligation?


I know it can be a little overwhelming when that pretty little box arrives. Where do you start? How do you use all these oils? This Starter Kit Challenge is designed to help you learn one by one how to incorporate these oils in your life.

With the Starter Kit Challenge, I want you to focus on justΒ 1 oil a week [plus a bonus week on the diffuser + Ningxia Red] and really tune in to how you can encorporate that oil in your everyday health habits. The goal is that by the end of the 12 weeks you will have been able to hands on experience and use the most popular and universal essential oils from Young Living!

You can preview each week’s challenge below or contact meΒ  to receive it emailed/ messaged to you each week! Just mention in the comments that you would like to do the starter it challenge!
















4 thoughts on “Starter Kit Challenge”

  1. Thank you sooooo much for this!! My husband and I just ordered a premium starter kit and have felt a bit overwhelmed by how to use the oils. This helpful guide will be VERY beneficial! Thank you!


    1. Holly, I am so glad they helped!!! Making sure people feel educated and empowered is such a passion of mine! Feel free to share them/ the blog with others if it could help them!


  2. This is wonderful! I have been using essential oils for quite a while and I know when I started I was very overwhelmed. There are several things on here that I haven’t even tried in my 2 years of using YLEO. Thank you! May I share this with others?

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