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Step 1- Retail or Wholesale?

Place a retail order for full price oils/ products:

Skip the rest of these steps and use the link above to order as a retail costumer using the number 2136128 as your sponsor and enroller!

Get wholesale pricing on all further oils/ products: 

Buying the premium starter kit acts as your one time membership fee [like a Costco membership] only you’re actually getting stuff in return… It is $160 for the 11 oils and a diffuser, but the retail value is over $300! This is a great place to start to build your base of oils and save on all future orders! You then get all of your future oil orders at wholesale pricing! [24% off retail] There are no obligations to order again or sell anything. ever.

Step 2- Essential Rewards?

  • Discounted shipping
  • Receive points back for free products! (months 1-3 10% back, months 4-24 20% back and months 25+ you get 25% back in free products)
  • The ability to make money if someone signs up for oils/ starter kit using your number!
  • Purchase at least 50PV ($50) a month

If you are committed to making the switch from chemicals to essential oils I’d highly recommend signing up for essential rewards when you sign up for the starter kit [you can cancel that at any time too.] I was so stingy with my oils for so long and missed out on all the ways I could use them in my life until I signed up for Essential Rewards. That is when things really changed in my life! I began using oils more freely and wasn’t afraid to use them all up. I knew that I had committed to spending $50 a month to benefit my family’s health. I also started replacing other chemical filled products with Young Living ones. Really, I ended up saving money AND living healthier!

Step 3- Fill out billing and shipping info

This part is pretty self explanatory, and you probably have it from here! However, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! I am here to help you get started in using your oils and getting chemical free!

Order your oils!


I can’t wait to hear how essential oils have changed your life!