Ditch the drugs, Oils 101

Oils + Kids

It only takes one search on Pinterest to find that the information on how to use oils for your kiddos widely varies from source to source. The truth, there is no perfect formula. There are general guidelines to follow, but thats it. Whether using an oil for adults or children, Young Living will provide information on whether that… Continue reading Oils + Kids

Oils 101

I’m supposed to put my oils where?

You've got all these oils, maybe even some special blends you've whipped up...now where in the world are you supposed to put them? What areas absorb the oil the quickest? Does it make a difference what you are using the oil for and where you put it? Well, you are very quickly going to find… Continue reading I’m supposed to put my oils where?

Oils 101

Breaking down the diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is a very easy way to start incorporating them into your day to day life. A few drops, some water and bam you're done! Sometimes picking the right diffuser and taking care of it correctly isn't quite as straight forward. For this post, I want to highlight some basic care points and… Continue reading Breaking down the diffuser

Ditch the drugs, Oils 101

That oil thing… does it work?

Essential oils are so much more than a craze that is sweeping the nation. If you feel like everywhere you look someone has something to say about essential oils it's because they actually work to support your body. If you've personally experienced what oils can do to boost your health it's hard not to share… Continue reading That oil thing… does it work?

Oils 101

Basics on oil use

Maybe you just got your first starter kit in the mail, or a couple individual oils and you are wondering where the heck to start. Seriously. I don't blame you for being overwhelmed, because IT IS OVERWHELMING! There is so much to learn about each oil, what they can be used for and how to… Continue reading Basics on oil use

Oils 101

A guide to diluting and mixing

Pure & Therapeutic grade oils [like Young Living] do not contain fillers or chemicals. Due to the pureness & potency, many oils are safest when applied directly to the skin by being diluted first. You may fear that diluting the essential oil makes it less effective...but contrary to our typical American views, more is not always better!… Continue reading A guide to diluting and mixing

Oils 101

Why Essential oils?

What I think is so incredible about essential oils is that they have been used for thousands of years for their cosmetic, emotionally uplifting and healing purposes. Instead of putting a bunch of chemicals together to "fix" things [along with the unwanted side effects] there is a pure and safe way to abundantly benefit your daily life!… Continue reading Why Essential oils?

Natural Cleaning, Oils 101

Clean hands!

I promised I would let you know how my homemade hand sanitizer turned out, so here you go! I recently saw how much more effective Thieves essential oil was as opposed to alcohol based hand sanitizer when it comes to getting rid of bacteria. [see previous post for details] I thought, surely, there must be a… Continue reading Clean hands!