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Journey to a chemical free HOME

Just 4 years ago, I was using everything plastic, disposable and 'clean.' Things were quote on quote less gross because I knew I was the only one to use them. Bottled water was sure to not have any build up on it... I was the one who opened it and I was simply going to… Continue reading Journey to a chemical free HOME

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A cleaner clean

Cleaning is a passion of mine. Ok that sounds a bit ridiculous... but really, I do find it quite satisfying.The hardest part? Having 3 little kids and a husband who don't quite share the same standard 😦 I used to use so many chemicals to "clean" and I had no idea I as just adding… Continue reading A cleaner clean

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Clean hands!

I promised I would let you know how my homemade hand sanitizer turned out, so here you go! I recently saw how much more effective Thieves essential oil was as opposed to alcohol based hand sanitizer when it comes to getting rid of bacteria. [see previous post for details] I thought, surely, there must be a… Continue reading Clean hands!

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Adjusting our environment…

For some time I have heard people steer clear of certain ingredients in foods and toxins in the products we use. In all honesty, I was always a little annoyed… thinking people were going over board and just needed to relax a little bit and enjoy life and the conveniences we have. (the quick version)… Continue reading Adjusting our environment…