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Oils + Kids

It only takes one search on Pinterest to find that the information on how to use oils for your kiddos widely varies from source to source. The truth, there is no perfect formula. There are general guidelines to follow, but thats it. Whether using an oil for adults or children, Young Living will provide information on whether that oil should be diluted, the approximate ratio of dilution, and how that oil can be used. Take that information and go for it! It is okay to use most oils on children! Why do we have no issues feeding our children incredibly processed and chemical filled food day after day but we fear deeply applying something natural and beneficial to their bodies? Million dollar question.




Im going to stop right now and just say please don’t hate the messenger! Topics involving kids usually come with some hate from other mamas out there. I am taking the research and information I believe to be credible and trying to get it into the hands of those out there who want it. I do not know everything, I am human. But I do try my very very best to only give credible, reasonable information! End rant. 

Essential oils are not a drug such as tylenol where an exact dosage per weight/ age need to be followed. Essential oils are intended to support your body naturally in doing what it already wants to do… heal and thrive! That being said, too much of any good thing can be harmful to you. For example if I took 30 vitamin B tablets a day, it would be too much for my body to process. Vitamin B is a good thing. It benefits my body when I have the right amount. Complete overload of it? Not so much 🙂

Essential oils are a natural and effective tool to help your kids through all the crud they encounter. Finding the right oil or combination of oils for a repetitive issue or fluke occurrence can be a life saver!


How can essential oils be used with children?

Diffused- Diffusing essential oils around your children or in their bedroom will disperse the oils into the air. When they inhale the oil, it travels to their brain and then takes effect on their body systems. This can be a very easy way to start slowly introducing essential oils to your child.

Topical Application- Applying essential oils to their skin is another very effective way to see the oil benefit your child. Just like anything that is on your skin, it gets absorbed and enters your body. Because a child’s skin is more permeable, it is a general guideline to always dilute your oil. The younger the child, the more I’d dilute the oil. [see dilution recommendations above] If anything, I error on the side of caution. Less is more. Where are the best places to put the oil on your child? The bottoms of their feet and spine! The pores on the bottoms of their feet are very large yet not sensitive making it a great place to put oils.

Internally- Even though a child cannot typically swallow capsules of essential oils, there are other safe ways to ingest only the highest quality oils that are directed for internal use. You can mix a drop with honey, pure maple syrup, or in water [only in a glass container]

Everything in moderation. Start slowly when introducing essential oils to your children. Switch up the oils you are using so that their body is not getting overloaded with one specific oil for a long period of time. Quality therapeutic grade essential oils do not contain peptides, amino acids or other allergens so they do not have allergic effects. However, the type of essential oils are so pure it actually draws toxins out of your skin, which can sometimes be mistaken as a mild allergic reaction.

Don’t want to do the math or mixing?

Young Living already did all the work for you. Their Kidscents line is incredible! They already have the oils diluted at safe ratios and have made blends for the most common issues with children! I highly suggest these!


[They also have a line of other products for kids which I LOVE! A little bit goes a long way!]



What oils are generally regarded as safe for children? [GRAS]


Peppermint [on children over 2 and heavily diluted]


Roman chamomile








Tea Tree




Ylang Ylang







**If you child has a diagnosed medical condition, please please please talk with your provider before using essential oils. These are the exceptions to the ‘general guidelines.’


Common oil uses for children

Peppermint- Nausea, stomach issues, constipation, fever, colic, headaches, muscle aches

Lavender- Diaper rash, cuts, scrapes, minor burns, fever, blisters, calming, cradle cap, allergies

Lemon- Coughing, immune support, flu

Frankincense- immune boosting, blisters, minor infections, minor bumps

Tea Tree- respiratory support, cleansing

Gentle Baby- calming, relaxation, stabilizing

So for all you mamas, aunties, friends or grandmas don’t be scared to use quality essential oils like Young Living’s on the little ones in your life! Use your common sense, follow the general guidelines for each individual oil and what is listed above and use away! Don’t listen to all the extreme haters out there where there is so much more to their story when they urge you to stay clear of oils + kids.

Want to get started using the best essential oils on the planet? You can order any oil or product at retail price by clicking here or you can click here to buy your starter kit to get and get all of your future purchases at 24% off [no further obligation!] Let’s get our oil on!







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