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Growing up

Im not quite sure what makes me more emotional…knowing that your little babies are growing up or seeing the beautiful people they are becoming. When I take even a slight step back, I am in awe of how incredible these little ones are. I grieve [in my own non crying type of way] the fact that the snuggles are going to happen much more sparatically as the years go on. My baby girl is one and my boy is turning into just that, a little boy.



Since Sawyer got sorta jipped last year with his birthday [little sister’s arrival was a bit to close to do anything too big!] and it being Brinnley’s first birthday, I thought they were due to have a little party. Nothing big, just family and the kids’ very best buddies. I used to go ALL OUT and spend months creating decorations and planning the ‘perfect Pinterest party.’ In the last few years I have kind of revolted against that and altered my ways, or at least my motives. As much as I absolutely love creating all the themed decor and planning it all, I got way too stressed out trying to put on a good party. I lost site of what the celebration was all about. It is their special day, and they don’t care about all the matchy matchy stuff and a house full of friends. Contrary to my constant worries, neither does anyone else. For me, it created a subconscious ‘keeping up with the jonses’ mentality, that in order to have a successful birthday party it has to be well coordinated and decked out. Oh, an you have to have at least a dozen clever things to go with the theme… or else you’ve somehow done a disservice to your kid. These things aren’t wrong at all, but they hindered me in the process.

So, until each kid turns five [and gets to have a simple & fun friend party] I vowed to keep the focus on the real priority of the day! It takes everything in me to hold back most of my crafty juices, but if I don’t there doesn’t seem to be a limit!

Love on your kids BIG and make them feel super special without the extra pressure we undoubtedly put on ourselves in our culture of moms.

All that to say, this year I really tried to keep it simple. basic. special. Of course there had to be some sort of theme, I didn’t completely deny my inner self 😉 Balls and Bows was this years tune because we were celebrating a sweet boy and spunky little girl! Here are some pictures of my not perfect but oh so special celebration!



Sawyer, you are sweet, oh so sensitive and quite intuitive. You balance our family out wonderfully and are sure to make us laugh 🙂

Miss Brinnley…the baby of the family, you have never let yourself go unnoticed! You’re always lighting up the room with your sass! Your spunk was a much needed addition to our bunch! Happy birthday little ones!!!




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