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Journey to a chemical free HOME

Just 4 years ago, I was using everything plastic, disposable and ‘clean.’ Things were quote on quote less gross because I knew I was the only one to use them. Bottled water was sure to not have any build up on it… I was the one who opened it and I was simply going to throw it away when I was done! I wasn’t thinking about all the other stuff involved in that bottle of water. Taco night was a whole lot simpler because the small little Dorito bags were easy and quick to make ‘tacos in a bag.’ Plastic Tupperware… well, I will admit it was a whole lot lighter to carry my meals for a 12 hr shift at work 😉

Here are 3 easy steps and a whole lot of ideas to try!

1. Start small

I was determined to start regulating the junk that was taking over our family. With it came waste, chemicals and processed goods. Not one of these things are beneficial to our health or environment. I started with small things and made a simple list of what I was convicted of. One small change at a time only where I was feeling the nudge was a easy way to start transforming my home.

2. Don’t be afraid of trial and error

You aren’t going to know what works best for your family unless you try a few things! Once you’ve found that perfect replacement you’ll be on cloud nine and it is such a game changer! I hope some of my recipes and buys eliminate a lot of this process for you.

3. Be patient & make changes slowly

As time went on, I kept finding easy ways to go more natural, save money and get creative. All the while, I was cutting out chemicals left and right! My essential oils [and Young Living’s chemical free products] definitely played a large role in this. I also didn’t freak my family out or break my bank by making all these changes all at once.

Step by step guide to a chemical free home

Want to know what is in my home…what has worked for me and what still needs a little TLC?! Watch this video for a REAL and HONEST look into the major parts of my home and what I use to kick the chemicals to the curb! [I apologize in advance for my lack of video skills ;)]

Below are some recipes and links to what I’ve used to help make the switch! Enjoy! I’d love to hear your favorite DIY recipes or purchases to go more natural!

My DIY Recipes and natural alternatives:

[Follow oilsandovaries on instagram for continued DIY recipes]

Homemade hand soap:


Using a foaming soap dispenser: 

fill 1/2 full with castile soap

fill 1/3 full with distilled water

top the rest off with sweet almond oil + 20-33 drops of your favorite EO

[gently shake before use]

Click to order on Amazon

Homemade body wash:


3/4 liquid castile soap

1/4 vitamin E oil and Liquid aloe vera

20-30 drops of essential oil of your choice

[gently shake before use]

Homemade hair serum:

Avocado oil

30 drops Rosemary EO

30 drops Lavender EO

[gently mix before each use, use 1-2 pumps depending on how oily your hair is]

Order glass serum dispenser

Young Living products and oils:

Order Young Living oils and products

Paperless paper towels: [Click picture to order]

Order on Amazon

Glass water bottles:

Target has a great selection!

Kids silverware: [Click picture to order]

Order on Amazon

Glass Tupperware: [Click picture to order]

Order on Amazon

Kids plates/bowls: [Click picture to order]

Order on Amazon

Facial toner:

Here is the link to the original recipe!

Face moisturizer:

Here is the link to the original recipe!

Laundry soap:

Find my original post on the recipe HERE!

Stain removing spray:

Mix 4 Tbs of the homemade laundry soap with distilled water in spray 16 oz bottle.

*Shake before use and let sit on stain a few minutes before washing. 

Dryer balls: [Click picture to order]

Order on Amazon

Glass spray bottles website:

Premium Vials

Norwex products:

Order Norwex!

How did I ever replace Tostito and Dorito chips??? I fell in love with these blue corn + flax seed ones from Target. DONE DEAL!



From my home to yours!

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