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Breaking down the diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is a very easy way to start incorporating them into your day to day life. A few drops, some water and bam you’re done!

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Sometimes picking the right diffuser and taking care of it correctly isn’t quite as straight forward. For this post, I want to highlight some basic care points and directions for using your ultrasonic diffuser to its fullest! Because I use Young Living essential oils and purchased the starter kit when I first started, I got their home diffuser along with my oils. I will highlight care of that diffuser, but it can generally apply to other ones as well. I also want to mention, that while there are many other diffuser options [usually cheaper than the Young Living one] on Amazon, I have found that over time, their quality is not nearly as good! The materials used to make their diffuser seem cheaper and 9/10 the cord seems to break where you plug it in to the actual diffuser. Young Living also has a 1 year replacement warranty on their diffusers! Obviously, there are probably some ones on amazon that are just as good as Young Living’s I just haven’t found them yet! Feel free to comment on this post if you HAVE found one you love so we can share the love 🙂

Why diffuse?

Diffusing essential oils can benefit you in so many ways. When the essential oils are diffused, their molecules are able to maintain its original state and still have their benefits! Try to get away from thinking of it as an air freshener. Instead be amazed at how much it will purify your air in your home and positively effect your brain, respiratory system and emotions.

Understanding the anatomy of the diffuser…

Below you will find the diagram of the basic anatomy of the diffuser. This is important so that you can take good care of it and be aware of the different parts if you ever have to troubleshoot it. [see diffuser manual] MAKE SURE YOU DON’T GET WATER IN THE AIR INLET! This happened to me two times before I figured out a foolproof method so I wouldn’t have to be without a diffuser for a week or two while they shipped me a new one! Getting water in the air inlet seems to be the most common problem with these diffusers, causing it to not turn on correctly, and is easily avoidable!



Whenever I fill the diffuser up with water, pour old water out, or clean it, I ALWAYS put my finger on top of the air inlet ensuring NO WATER gets in there!


What type of water should you use?

Room temperature water of any kind is ok. Distilled water is recommended to prevent build up, but not necessary for proper function. If you have hard water, I would recommend using distilled water as I know from personal experience it creates build up and that white filmy substance you probably see other places water is in use 🙂 DO NOT exceed the fill line with water!

How much oil should you put in your diffuser?

6-10 drops is what is typical. Less is ok, and so is a bit more [up to 12]. Really, this is up to you and your preferences of strength. Mixing 2-3 different single oils is a fun way to experiment with different combos! I wouldn’t recommend mixing 2 different pre-made blends though. Usually one pre-made blend and a single oil is enough variety!

When do you put the oil in?

I recommend adding your drops of oil before the water, and gently swirling them around to mix those oils together. As we know, water and oil do not mix as well, so it is tougher to do this once the water has been added. You also risk getting water in the air inlet if you move it around after the water is inside.

How long will it diffuse?

If you have a diffuser like the home diffuser that has an intermittent mode, your oils will last double the time [up to 6 hours!!] Usually, there are a few different mode options: constant or intermittent. You can typically switch between these modes simply by pushing the power button. For the Home Diffuser from Young Living, the ‘green light’ indicates constant and the ‘red light’ is intermittent. Most constant diffusing modes last anywhere from 2-3 hours.

What if I want to turn off the light on my diffuser?

Simply press and hold the power switch for about 2 seconds to turn on or off the LED light on the top of the home diffuser. Other diffusers may have options to change the color of the light or to have it on and off. Play around and read the instructions for that specific diffuser!

How do I clean my diffuser and how often should I do it?

Always turn your diffuser off before cleaning it. If you see build up or residue on the metal plate in the inside [ultrasonic plate] gently wipe it off with the cleaning sponge included in your box or with a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. If you see oil build up or staining on the lid or inside the diffuser I recommend letting it sit for a couple hours with white vinegar. I usually do this every few months. After it sits, carefully dump the water out and gently wipe down with a washcloth and warm water.


What other diffuser types are there?

The typical diffuser you see is called an ultrasonic diffuser. This uses ultrasonic technology to disperse the molecules into the air without using heat.

Another type of diffuser is called a nebulizer diffuser. Nebulizer diffusers are very powerful because they do not use water or heat. Instead, the diffuse JUST the essential oil. A lot of these types of diffusers will require you to attach the actual bottle of essential oil to the diffuser. [Follow specific instructions included with your diffuser for care] Occasionally, you can pour a designated amount of oil in instead of attaching the bottle. The pro to these types? They cover a lot more square footage and are very powerful! The downside? The use up a lot more oil.

For every day use of diffusing, I would recommend an ultrasonic diffuser. If you are intentional on getting the therapeutic benefits for a SPECIFIC health concern, the nebulizer diffuser is the way to go! Young Living has many different options for each of these types! There are also car diffusers, USB diffusers etc. You don’t ever have to be without your oils 😉

Do you feel ready to start using your diffuser and know how to care for it properly?! I hope so! Please comment If you have any favorite diffusers or tips and tricks you’ve picked up! We are all in this together ladies!!




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  1. Since I have three diffusers I use all the time, the one I found on amazon and really like is the Amir diffuser. My YL diffuser died after many years of daily use!

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