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Growing up

Im not quite sure what makes me more emotional...knowing that your little babies are growing up or seeing the beautiful people they are becoming. When I take even a slight step back, I am in awe of how incredible these little ones are. I grieve [in my own non crying type of way] the fact that the… Continue reading Growing up

Oils 101

I’m supposed to put my oils where?

You've got all these oils, maybe even some special blends you've whipped where in the world are you supposed to put them? What areas absorb the oil the quickest? Does it make a difference what you are using the oil for and where you put it? Well, you are very quickly going to find… Continue reading I’m supposed to put my oils where?

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Journey to a chemical free HOME

Just 4 years ago, I was using everything plastic, disposable and 'clean.' Things were quote on quote less gross because I knew I was the only one to use them. Bottled water was sure to not have any build up on it... I was the one who opened it and I was simply going to… Continue reading Journey to a chemical free HOME

Oils 101

Breaking down the diffuser

Diffusing essential oils is a very easy way to start incorporating them into your day to day life. A few drops, some water and bam you're done! Sometimes picking the right diffuser and taking care of it correctly isn't quite as straight forward. For this post, I want to highlight some basic care points and… Continue reading Breaking down the diffuser