Flash January Blues Sale

Seriously this cold and gloom is getting old! Sooo... I want to brighten up your winter with essential oils! TODAY ONLY!  Xoxo

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STOP the hate.

I am about to loose my mind people. Everyone is dividing. Hating. Hurting each other. I know we live in a broken world, but my heart is aching over here watching all the discrimination and hurt. No, it's not just from your opposing view, it is from all angles. Could we please make the brokenness not… Continue reading STOP the hate.

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Sleep. It isn’t actually overrated.

Sleep. A much too touchy topic in a house with 3 small humans. The multiple awakenings and early rising is enough to make even me [someone who doesn't really like sleep] feel like a nutcase. I still need my 6-7 hours. Low and behold, we DO in fact need sleep in order to recharge, support our… Continue reading Sleep. It isn’t actually overrated.

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For as long as I can remember, there has been something that has driven me to do more and be more. I am not satisfied with things being mediocre. We are called to strive for more than that. As someone who has always been average, it takes some effort. Things don't just fall into average… Continue reading MORE.

Ditch the drugs, Hormone support

All that and now this? Menopause.

You've had your period for years on end and maybe even gone through pregnancy and childbirth. If you are hitting 45-55 yrs old you are ending the fertile time in your life and your body gets to go through yet another fun phase... menopause! While a woman's body is quite incredible in all that it can do,… Continue reading All that and now this? Menopause.

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That oil thing… does it work?

Essential oils are so much more than a craze that is sweeping the nation. If you feel like everywhere you look someone has something to say about essential oils it's because they actually work to support your body. If you've personally experienced what oils can do to boost your health it's hard not to share… Continue reading That oil thing… does it work?

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Falling short

I think the vast majority of us [who haven't mastered perfection] are quite familiar with falling short in our lives. Be it your standards or someone else's, you've probably messed up. You've most likely set goals and tried to change pitiful areas of your life. What drives me crazy is setting goals and not meeting… Continue reading Falling short