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The scoop lately.

Life {well really just sleep…ok... and the majority of "awake time"} has been a bit more challenging these past few weeks. We have a 7 month old who in all his preciousness has decided to boycott sleeping and just scream the majority of the week. Before you jump to conclusions about the cause, I will… Continue reading The scoop lately.

My life

PHOTOS of my THREE year old, jammie style!

Another year has already flown by (I know, I know, we all say it, but it is SO true!) We celebrated this spunky, and oh so "girly" girl turing 3 a few days before her birthday at a Jammie & waffle party! My parents were kind enough to host (our house is just getting too… Continue reading PHOTOS of my THREE year old, jammie style!

My life

My sweet sweet boy

Sawyer…oh sweet boy where do it start? You are already 7 months old and I seriously can't believe it! You are still continuing to steal our hearts each and every day! I love that you refuse to be the 2nd born who just sits in the background and lets things go by! You definetely have opinions,… Continue reading My sweet sweet boy