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Parenting literature…it helps!

While pregnant with Addie, I honestly wasn't really aware of the few popular *parenting books out there for babies/ toddlers etc. However, after hearing about them frequently, we decided to pick one up, and start implementing it. When Addie was 3 weeks old, we started reading Baby Wise. We chose this book because we are… Continue reading Parenting literature…it helps!

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Dads these days…

I don't think Dads these days get enough credit. Granted, I was not around 50+ years ago, when the roles of moms & dads were dramatically different then today. And for that reason, I guess I don't know first hand what the role of a dad was. But, I DO know how great dad's are… Continue reading Dads these days…

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Life lately, with a little bit of sun :)

I once again apologize for my lack of "blogging" lately…but I have found my self spending the free time I do get outside, enjoying the SUN! I honestly cannot believe that I have an 18 month old... a one and a half year old... 1.5 years old! Seriously, where did the time go?! She seems… Continue reading Life lately, with a little bit of sun 🙂