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A decent month

Considering the fact that February (the dreariest and longest shortest month) is coming to an end tomorrow... it has been a pretty good month. Yes, we are getting a little stir crazy around here. However, the cold has forced us to use our creativity on how to keep busy and entertained! And seriously, nothing is… Continue reading A decent month

My life

Happy day of Love!

I am blessed. so blessed. I have so many wonderful people in my life who I love! I don't know where I would be without them! Among those people, there is one in particular that has stolen my heart this past 14 months…Gosh she is great 🙂 Watching her learn, laugh, and grow is the… Continue reading Happy day of Love!

My life


We officially have a "walker" on our hands! (I think) For about two months now Addie has been taking a few steps at a time…starting with two or three (at 12 months), then a few more (at 13 months). Finally on February 13th (at 14 months), she did 15-20 steps several times! This constitutes as walking right? I am slightly in… Continue reading Walking!