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The last of the firsts for her!

Thanksgiving 2012 was Addie's official last "first holiday" {besides her birthday, but I think that will technically be her 2nd time right?!} and it was a good one! Being a nurse, It is expected that you will have to work your fair share of holidays…so I fully intended on working Thanksgiving or Christmas and/ or… Continue reading The last of the firsts for her!

My life

When the going gets rough…

Man…sometimes life is just tough. There is some nasty things that happen to us and those around us, and it sure is hard to "act like everything is ok" and that you "have it all together" all the time.   In a world consumed with things like Facebook/ blogs/ etc, it is even harder because… Continue reading When the going gets rough…

My life

The ever so popular battle of FOOD.

I have been told my many "experienced mothers" that if they could do it all over again, they would have lightened up A LOT when it came to battling with food and their children. I found myself agreeing, and trying to remember that in my own life. However, as a mom, I think most of us… Continue reading The ever so popular battle of FOOD.