My life

new theme song?

I wish this could be my theme songΒ  [If I could let go of some things]Β  Maybe I will try a little harder to make sure it is. "My List" Music Video "My List" By Toby Keith Β  Under an old brass paperweight is my list of things to do today Go to the bank… Continue reading new theme song?

My life


Life throws a lot of curve balls at us, thats for sure... Some times we are blessed with wonderful things and other times a whole lot of heart ache. Speaking of which, the I have been pondering the following questions lately: How do we continue on with daily life when we are feeling so blue?… Continue reading Onward…

My life


Dreamt about for years on end Just how perfect those traits would be How a person could possess a love so strong For something so perfect... All the hopes and wishes for what is to come Linked to you. Your heart beating strong, A miracle indeed. The ride is not always smooth, they say. This… Continue reading rhythm156