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To choose:

[To choose to live is to choose to love. For if we are not here to serve others and live for the one who created us, what are we here for? As each moment passes by that we so naturally serve ourselves, we are missing out on the greater fulfillment that living beyond "ME" can… Continue reading To choose:

My life


I understand how one could turn to destructive things in life, but what I do not (and most likely never will) understand is how one can consciously harm the innocent life of a child. A gift from above for you to nourish and help prosper. Its one thing to have a lack of respect for… Continue reading Respect

My life

Some things are constant?

Im wondering if there are some things in life that can never be forgotten and let go of. I mean, you say you forgive, but you can never forget. Thus, it can never stop shaping and effecting your life. Im looking for the cure, which is not out there. Therefore, my search will continue. How… Continue reading Some things are constant?